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Whether you know his name or not, we’ve all heard the Greek myth about poor Sisyphus: doomed to painfully push a large boulder up a hill each day, only for it to roll back to the bottom, to his frustration, before he reached the top, where he would start all over again... day in, day out.


Sound familiar?  Making changes in our lives can feel like this some days.  There’s the frustrating struggle of starting something new, the pain of fighting the inertia of the old habits, and loneliness of making changes on your own.  The struggles of change can look like many things in our lives:

  • craving foods you see others eat all around you while you are trying to “stay on track”
  • getting up to exercise when everyone else is sleeping 
  • feeling disconnected or at odds with your partner and caught in the cycle of this repeated, discouraging pattern
  • wanting more out of your career, but feeling trapped in your current job out of fear and obligations


It can seem easier to just give up and go back to your old ways and let that boulder roll right back to the bottom.  Better to have the “devil you know”, right?  Wrong!


What if it didn’t need to be that hard?  There is support to build positive momentum and get over that hump of initiating change.  Here is a way to not only gain momentum, but to sustain and integrate it into a new way of living....


What is this FlowMotion Coaching?

Get out of slow motion and into FlowMotion!  FlowMotion Coaching is your 4 week program to help you get over the hump of developing a new habit for yourself.  Each week you connect via telephone, in the comfort and privacy of your own home or office, to work through the essential skills and supports needed to get you through the vital first month of your lifestyle change.  It is also a meeting place for a group of like-minded people who are taking on new areas of change in their lives and can provide insight and support that just can’t be gained alone. 


What will I do in FlowMotion Coaching?

You will participate in weekly group calls that will consist of:

  • Learning about the factors that stand in your way of and help to facilitate positive change
  • Group discussion about how others are applying change factors and help you clarify your next steps
  • Personalized exercises to clarify your own change plan and put into practice over the following week.
  • Ample time for an open question and answer period where you can ask any questions you may have to the coach or group.

Your coaching calls are ninety minutes.  The formal part of each session will be 1 hour long, but you will have the last half hour to finish up any loose ends, ask questions and discuss items of interest with your coach and your group.


Rest assured, you won’t be on the call with 100’s of people.  FlowMotion Coaching values the dynamic nature of small groups, with ample opportunity for you work on your concerns and answer any questions you need.


Why do you need FlowMotion Coaching?

‘Tis the season of resolutions and great plans for self improvement.  If you notice those around you – maybe yourself included – many people have had great New Years resolutions for self change and probably have already gone back to their old habits by now.  The problem is that most of us work hard for the first week or two and then fall off the wagon, back to our old habits, in short order. 


It has been said that it takes 3 weeks to make a habit.  Realistically, it sometimes can take a lot longer and really depends on a lot of personal factors about you and what you are trying to change (e.g. it is much easier to change how much water you drink daily over three weeks than to quit smoking; Ref: University College London, European Journal of Social Psychology).  Regardless of how long it may take for you and the particular change you are trying to make, making sure that you get a solid start during the first month of your lifestyle change is very important.


This program distils simple, yet powerful tools from the science and psychology of personal change and motivation.  Additionally, the true value is in the support, guidance and accountability of the group process that will help you gain more easily and stay better on track with your change goals than if you try to change on your own.


Three benefits of this telephone-based program:

  • Save time and get further
    • Stop wasting time figuring all this out on your own.  Start with a workable plan that will jump start your path to change.
  • Easier to sustain it
    • Stay on top of your change goals with focused support
  • Get over hump with less setbacks
    • Address barriers and setbacks right away and keep that positive momentum going.

You just need to dial a number to get the change support you need.  Aside from the convenience benefits of telephone-based groups, they have also been shown to be very effective in effecting lifestyle and health changes for individuals.  (Ref: Diabetes Care, Oncology Nursing Forum, Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology)


Groups are Good

There is strength in the diversity of your group: People from all over, connecting for the same purpose, but with different personal goals.  Each group has a life and intelligence of its own.  The group facilitates everyone in their own, unique change process with feedback and guidance from fellow members.  You will get something special out of your group.


Your Coach Kurt Frost

You will be facilitated by Kurt Frost.  More than anything, Kurt’s easy-going nature quickly will bring you to ease so you can get to the work you need to do.  Clients share that Kurt is able to get to the core of the issue quickly with “bang on” insights.  He not only seizes the essence of the problem, but guides you to a new perspective to view it yourself in a new light.  Though serious about moving towards new solutions, you will find working with Kurt an enjoyable and insightful experience.


Kurt has worked in the field of mental health and psychotherapy for over a decade.  In this time Kurt developed a broad range of expertise in not only the more traditional approaches of psychology and therapy, but was drawn more and more into a passion for how people change.  Beyond the many theories of how to help people change, there are simple, universal factors that keep us stuck or allow us to move ahead into new ways of being.  Finding ways to apply this to his work has been his ongoing passion.


Take a moment and connect with Kurt to answer any of your questions.


When will it start?

Your FlowMotion Coaching will start on Wednesdays at 1 pm (Eastern Time) on the following dates:

April 3rd

April 10th

April 17th

April 24th


How much does it cost?

Most individual coaching programs will cost you around $250 per session.  Over a period of a month, this is about a $1000!  While individual coaching can be very effective and has its benefits, it can also be a real hit to the wallet.


This program was designed to bring the value of the strength of coaching to you at an affordable price that will allow you to make the changes you want in your life now!


The FlowMotion Coaching will be available for a short time for only $200.


That’s only $50/week!


For the piece of mind that you are finally doing something about making a change and for the support to make it actually happen, this focused, short duration program may save you money and time floundering on your own.



You’ve already decided that you want to change.  Don’t short change yourself by ‘hoping for the best’.  Leave the struggle, frustration and disappointment of pushing through personal change on your own behind and get the support that will push you over the top and get you flowing into motion!


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