Mission Statement

Our mission is to meet individuals on their life journey and to explore
new pathways to greater life fulfilment.

Care is individualized to your needs. Rather than expecting you to fit a model, your therapist/coach will explore your needs with you and adapt services to suit you. We believe a diagnosis is helpful but it doesn’t define who you are. Together, we will develop alternate ways of managing your concerns and work with you to find solutions that are tailored to your situation. Our clients are recognized as multi-dimensional individuals.

We are experienced in many different models of therapy and will discuss with you what fits your needs.

We continue to do our own personal development work and continue our own process of education and health on all levels.

Benefits of treatment with us:
   • Get from where you are to where you want to be
   • You will feel heard and understood, respected and valued.
   • A deeper connection to your self.
   • You will participate more fully in other relationships in your life.
   • You will leave treatment with tools you can use to continue the journey on your own.
   • Personal transformation.
   • Empowered to continue your journey…